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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Picture a net, kind of like a hammock. The ropes all woven, and knotted together to form one thing, in this case a hammock.
Now imagine that you are one little section of the rope in between the knots. This is you. Now just to "stretch" your imagination a little further, imagine that each of these ropes are made of elastic fibers. They can stretch. Ok, are you still with me?

When one tiny section of the rope (you) gets moved, the whole thing is affected. 
Let's say you are feeling down. If you take your finger and push down on (you), all of what is around you goes down too and the whole is affected.

Now let's say you are tired and stretched. If you stretch apart your section of the rope, it causes those closest to you to become slack. They aren't much good, there is no support coming from them while they are slack.

If (you) become weak or broken, many around you feel it and the whole becomes weak.

Now let's say that (you) are happy and soaring. Pull up on your section. Notice that all around you are lifted up too. And the whole is affected.

We are a community. Whether we are in a family, in a church, at work, at school, at play or an Internet group, or imagine ourselves alone (we are always belonging to something.) what we do will always affect those closest to us and many times affect the whole. Just as the attitudes and actions of others affect us.

The support of others will support us when we are down. Sharing our burdens will take the slack out of others and be good for all of you, everyone lifting together can lift the one. We need each other. 

How are you affecting others today?

Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. (Philippians 2:4 NASB)

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