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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What kind of soldier

My husband and I are on military bases almost every single day. And two things strike me every time, the discipline and the duty. From the moment we pull in to the first gate, these things are very clear. 
They are serious. They are focused. They are trained. And they are dedicated. 
They do not become like us, we must become like them. They are not trying to please us or impress us. It is who and what they are.
They are unwavering in their service. It is all by the book.

What kind of soldier am I for God?
Do I understand the discipline and duty?
Am I serious, focused, trained and dedicated?
Am I steadfast and unwavering?
Am I by the book?

Do others know from the moment that they meet me that I am a soldier? 
Who am I trying to please?

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