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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Not fair!

What SHOULD I do if my family fights?

I cannot stand it. I cannot understand the behavior. I don't want to divide or take sides. It seems that the closer I get to God, the further away my family is. Why can't we all just love each other?

Even your own family has turned against you. They act friendly, but don't trust them. They're out to get you, and so is everyone else. (Jeremiah 12:6 CEVUS06)

Unfortunately, there is truth in this verse from Jeremiah chapter 12.
Jeremiah, the prophet is questioning God. He wants to know why it seems that sinful people seem to prosper and have a good living while he, Jeremiah, is trying to live the best he can live as a godly man, and never seems to get ahead.
Jeremiah cries out in v.3 of Jer. 12, "I am faithful to You, even in my thoughts and my heart, they aren't even real in their worship, yet they prosper and I don't." Paraphrase

God goes on to answer Jeremiah. He tells him that ungodly people will not "win" in the end. Only the faithful will.

We all know and cling to this hope in God. 

Lord, my heart is so black sometimes when I feel wronged by others. I despise myself when I have bitterness toward people that don't act the way I think they should. And yes, very often, I would like to see a quick justice brought to those that are mean and selfish. Lord, I wonder about the same things as Jeremiah, why do You allow bad people to seem to be prospering? Where are your lightening bolts? Why doesn't the ground open up and swallow them? Why are the generous hearts wounded by the selfish? Why do good people get walked over? 

God told Jeremiah, Continue to live godly. Continue to do what you know to be right. Strengthen your own faith. The time is coming, and you must still be found to be godly.

God expects the same from us. We cannot be distracted by the troubles and distractions that Satan brings to our lives, even when, especially when, he plops them into our lap. 
Even in our daily struggles, people need to see Jesus when they see us. Believe me, I understand the struggle, (see the above paragraph about the black heart? That was part of my conversation with God last night.)

Pray for me, pray for each other. Encourage each other in faithful living. I love you all. Hold the faith.

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