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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Running like Jonah

Have you ever run from God? Did you ever shrink back in fear? Did you ever miss out on an opportunity to speak out for God because you were afraid or lacked the confidence?

I have.  

I am not proud of it. I wish that I could honestly say that I have made the most of every opportunity.
Sometimes I know that speaking of God will not be readily received. A time or two I have stayed quiet because I thought I might not have the proper knowledge of the scripture. Another time I just didn't feel that it was worth the debate.
But who am I to decide who is worth hearing the message, Grace is for the unworthy. 
God's word says that speaking His message will not always be popular. He says, do it anyway.
We are told too, to study to show ourselves approved, able to accurately handle the word of God. 
The world needs to hear the message of God's love. I pray that each of us will be bold in our work of going out and making disciples. Let us not run from our work.

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