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Monday, February 29, 2016


What do baby tears do to you? Do they pull at your heart strings? 
There were times when my kids were small that their tears would break my own heart. Especially when I didn't even know why they were crying. Or if they were sick and I could do nothing more than comfort them.
At other times I have had friends cry in front of me, maybe because of grief, maybe because of hurt feelings. 
What is your reaction to the tears of friends?
Sometimes I cry. Maybe it's a sad movie. Maybe Someone hurt me. Maybe I'm missing my family. When I cry, my husband holds me close to him.
What are tears? Why do we cry? 
God knows how important tears are. God knows how important you are to him. How do your tears affect Him?
The Book of Revelation tells us that in Heaven there will be no more tears but until then. God will continue to collect your tears and hold you close.
God is your comfort.

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