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Thursday, September 15, 2016


I am becoming more and more aware that the reason why we love Facebook so much is because we can have "friends" without really being one.
We can like people's comments. We can feel like we are included in their happenings, we can enjoy their lives without investing ourselves at all.
We can share our lives, pictures and feelings to anyone who cares to look without really having a real shoulder to lean on.
What is happening to our culture? Are no relationships cherished anymore?
I sometimes wonder if I have any real friends at all.
I am not feeling self pity or trying to be a downer, but I am worried about our self serving society which is infiltrating our churches too.
Are we really too busy to be a friend?
Do you want friends without wanting to be one?
Oh Lord, I pray that I can strengthen someone with my prayers for them because I really care.
I pray that I can be a blessing to the lovely people I call friends.
But mostly Lord, I want to be an encourager. 
In lifting up someone else, I receive many blessings.
And Lord, when I need a friend, bring one to me. 
Thank You for Jesus, a friend that sticks closer than anyone else.
In His name, Amen.

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