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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

No Light

On Saturday we had ice and heavy winds. Our electricity flickered a few times then went off. 
I hunted for matches to light the candles but couldn't find any. (Remember when businesses gave away free matches?)
My lighter (Zippo) is not there because I just sent it back to the company to be repaired. 
I searched my whole house in the semi darkness for matches or a stray lighter. 
Do you understand the fear of rooting through a junk drawer with your bare hands in the dark? I have razor blades in there for my box cutters. I have needles and pins in there. I have...... well, every thing in there. Everything but a lighter. Or matches.
I finally found a book of matches in my jewelry box of all places. It was an old book and had only 2 matches. Haha
Then the Power flickered. It came on. Then it went out again. Then it came back on and stayed on. 
I have learned two lessons.  
1. Obtain a reliable source of having light, always!
2. Clean up the junk.

God is my Light. With Him there will never truly be darkness. 
His light illuminates all the junk in me and helps me to see what I need to be rid of. 
Then because of Jesus' saving grace, I am clean and now I reflect light for others to see. 
Thank You, Lord

"For it is you who light my lamp; the Lord my God lightens my darkness.”
Psalms 18:28 ESV

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