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Friday, August 29, 2014

Attitude Adjustment by Pat Pennington


The work environment in some companies can be brutal.  Especially if you always have to deal with constant pressure from deadlines, difficult co-workers, difficult company policies and procedures. Constant pressures and problems at work can wear you down and beat you up mentally and over time you can develop a bad attitude. Of course you can also develop a bad attitude at home or at church for the same reasons.

But attitude is everything; it can lift you up or bring you down. It is also one of the keys to success.

Attitude is critical because it influences your course of action. If your attitude is negative, your words and behavior will be too. There is a difference in being a realist about negative circumstances, and living with a chronic bad attitude. You would be naïve if you ignore warning signs of trouble, and carry on oblivious to the problems that you must deal with. But still there are people in this world that are always unhappy with their job, always complaining about their job, always finding fault and criticizing their managers and co-workers. It seems as though you can never please them. They work and live with a chronic bad attitude. Don’t be them and don’t start becoming like them.
Do not allow another person's bad attitude to influence yours. Be the attitude influencer instead. Greet a frown with a smile, crush criticism with affirmation, and listen patiently but always respond with positive comments and/or solutions. A positive attitude will eventually outlast and overpower a negative one. Do not engage or debate with those who thrive on negativity. You will find that the people who thrive on negativity are usually broken with hurt, anger, guilt, worry and insecurity. So stay positive and encourage them but also if possible point them or lead them to an attitude adjustment.  Be the positive example for them to model.

But keep in mind that each day, your own attitude gets knocked around and abused by work and life. If left unattended, your attitude will drift into wrong thinking, harsh words, and bad behavior. Self-pity and anger can begin to replace your positive mind set. But with just a little bit of daily tweaking, your attitude can stay positive. And sometimes attitudes need to be adjusted moment by moment.

This is why you need a daily attitude alignment. I reinforce my attitude every morning before I start my work day by reading scripture. Find what would work for you.

Last thought, slow down and pray when you feel your attitude eroding. When you’re in the middle of a bad attitude, don’t make important decisions; the time isn’t right for that. You will regret every decision you make during a time of emotional upheaval. Be patient, and wait until your anger and depression is back under your control and your attitude is objective. Anyone can be negative; so don’t be anyone, be different.

Scripture tells us that we should have the same attitude as God—and that’s not a bad attitude to have.

Your attitude is rooted in who you are and how you think and positive attitudes lead to rich and robust relationships.
 An attitude molded by God is infectious and transforming. Allow Him to change yours. The Bible says in Philippians 2:5 “Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus…” 
To be successful keep your attitude positive no matter what happens at work or in life.


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