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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The mountain View

I love the mountains. They are so magnificent. 
My husband and I just had a few runs that kept us out west. We were in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. The Rocky Mountains are there; Although the mountains look different in Colorado than they do in New Mexico. But the majesty is there just the same.
From the bottom of the mountain you are in awe, the sheer size of it, rising up, out of nowhere. But when you are on top, awe doesn't seem like a big enough word. 
The height and vision seem to put the view into perspective. You see the layout of the land, you can see the road ahead. You see where you are going.
Once you start the drive down however, you only see part way. You can't see past the curves or over the knoll. The layout hasn't changed, but your perspective of it has.
Maybe I need to climb a spiritual mountain today. Maybe I need to see the vision, the plan, the path that God has laid out before me, in it's whole picture. 
Sometimes I forget that God does have a plan, a vision, a roadmap for my life. I am too busy trying to guess what's around the next curve or over the knoll. I worry about the potholes. I sometimes forget that there is a bigger perspective, a wonder of a view, that is my life.

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