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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I pray that YOUR eyes are opened

Last weekend my husband was telling Starla about having to walk to school. "Yeah, uphill both ways." I joked.
Isn't it funny how when we describe our own trials that we often remember them as tougher than they were? Or when faced with obstacles they seem numerous and high?
Elisha and his servants were sent to deal with the evil Arameans. The servants became afraid when they realized the size of the army that they saw. 
Elisha told them not to fear, "our army is bigger," he said. Then he prayed that God would open their eyes to see. And God did.
The servants saw horses and soldiers in fiery chariots surrounding the hillsides. 
You can read this account in 2 Kings chapter 6.

You see, yesterday we spoke of spiritual battles. But we often forget that we too, have heavenly spiritual forces fighting for us and with us.
I pray that as you dress in your spiritual armor today that God will open your eyes to "see" that you are not fighting alone. You have a spiritual army on your side. Now, get out there and fight!

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