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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Is it I?

Have you ever said to yourself, "I sure hope that I didn't do or say something."? Statements like this are often made when it is evident that someone has been offended and no one understands or knows what happened. I believe it is human nature to reflect and consider whether you have made the offense.
We often don't intend to hurt another person, yet sometimes, perhaps unknowingly, we do.
When Jesus mentions that He knows that one of them has betrayed Him, they each say, "surely, it is not I?" Now this was not said as a statement but as a question. They were wondering, Have I unknowingly said or done something to hurt my Lord?
Judas knew his own actions yet for whatever reason he too asked the question but without calling Jesus Lord. He called Him Rabbi, or teacher. 
Jesus then said that it was the one that dipped in the bowl with Him. But all or most of them had done so. So still they are left wondering.
Eventually Judas left the room without his evil intentions being discovered. 

Questions for your thoughts or meditations:
1. Why did Jesus even mention this to those in the room?
2. Why did Jesus not point out Judas as the one?

And Judas, who was betraying Him, said, "Surely it is not I, Rabbi?" Jesus said to him, "You have said it yourself." (Matthew 26:25 NASB)

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