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Monday, April 25, 2016

Against the flow

Just go with the flow.
Have you ever heard that said? It usually refers to following the crowd, not making waves, not rocking the boat.
But let me ask you, have you ever gone against the flow?
I'll bet you have. If you have ever faced and fought problems of any sort you know what it feels like to paddle up the stream.
And you have more than likely have felt, at one time or another, been up the creek without a paddle.
If you are paddling up the stream, you must make waves with your paddling to get anywhere. The moment you stop paddling, you begin to drift backward with the current.
It is good to be in the same boat as others. They will help paddle when you get tired.
Once while fishing we drifted into the weeds and our motor got tangled in the weeds. Only by rocking the boat were we able to get free from the tangles.
Now listen, 
If life you have got to keep paddling upstream. Don't stop. We are going against the flow, as Christians and if we stop or even just rest a bit, the current (world) will carry us backward.
Rock your boat to get free of what tangles you. 
Keep moving, keep going in the right direction. Don't give up. 
Get on board with others (Christians) that will give you strength when you get weak.
“Then Jesus commanded His disciples to get into the boat...
Matthew 14:22 a MEV

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