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Saturday, April 23, 2016

DEBT- Don't Even Buy That

We are retiring from driving truck within the next few weeks. It was our goal to be debt free by the time of us coming off the road. However we ran into a huge medical expense along the way that cost us almost $30,000. So needless to say, we are that far behind in our plan.
I believe that most people live with some kind of debt. Many live with enormous amounts hanging over their heads.
I think that God does not want us living in debt because it causes us to be bound. We become slaves to our debt. Well, unless you deny it and try to run from it. But I think God wouldn't like that either.
So I have been reading a very good book on personal finances. It is written by a church of Christ minister from Grand Prairie, TX. His name is Barry Cameron and the book is, The ABC's of Financial Success.
It is a good book and a good plan.
We know Barry and he is a very down to earth man. He is humble and absolutely has devoted his life to serve God.
My husband and I are working hard to reduce our debt and plan to be debt free within a few years, even on retirement income.
But there is one debt that God does want us to have. It is found in the Book of Romans. God says to owe no one anything except to love them. 
We owe our love to others! That is a debt that we will never be free of. 
Now, sometimes it isn't easy to love others. I think that is what makes it a debt. We are bound to it. We have to try to meet that debt.
Jesus gave His life for me (and you) so the least I can do is love others for Him.

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