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Friday, February 10, 2017

Go and Do

It is so easy to wake up and begin your day and before you know it you are swamped with everydayness. 
Did I pray?
Did I thank God for another chance?
Did I even think about God?

At the evening meal we bow our heads, (I hope we remember) so we rattle off a short sweet thank you for the food. 

At night as we snuggle into our beds, we may say another thank You, Lord, if we don't fall asleep first.

Was I a blessing to anyone today?
Did I read any of God's word today? Did I, Do I ever, dig deep into His words to me?

Is my life all about making it through one day after another? Is that what life is?
I found out this morning that a beloved man of God has passed on. He is now celebrating in the arms of Jesus. 
He was over 90 years old, so he has lived over 33,000 days.
He walked hunched over, but no more!
He was truly an inspiration and encourager to many.
He faced many struggles, but always had a smile and nice word for everyone else. 
He prayed always for God to take care of his sick wife. He always said, Help Evelyn to come home. I'm sure that will remain his prayer even more so now.
You see, he is now part of that great cloud of witnesses that the Hebrew writer wrote about that cheers each of us on through our race to the end.

I need to be in conversation with God. I need to be deep in His word. 
There is more to life than just getting by day to day. I need to be helping others to get by. I need others to help me get by. We do this by meeting together, by studying together, by praying together, by loving each other together.

Lord, help me.

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