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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Job well done

The Bible says, "Whatever you do..." do ALL to the glory of God. 
Make your beds
Do your dishes
Mail your letters
Pick up the kids
Wipe their noses
Do your job
Do someone else's job
Clean the church
Shovel out your neighbor
Help fix something for someone
Do what you hate
Do what you love 
Do what you don't want to

Do it All and do it as if you are doing it for God. 
Not always an easy task. In fact, I seldom do things (chores) while even thinking how God would want it done. 
What kind of attitude, during work, would bring God glory?
What kind of talk, while working, will honor God?
Is "good enough" good enough for God?
Lord, I want to please You. Help me. 

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