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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Save me from myself

It seems whenever There is some kind of dire circumstance in my life I begin to fear. And then worry entwines itself through my thoughts and I can't seem to break free from it.
Then, to distract myself from the worry, I begin a "fix-it" mode. I start scrambling around trying desperately to arrange things and process things to get circumstances right again.
After that, frustration grips me as I realize that sometimes I AM POWERLESS.
what a rusted chain of events!

Why do I put myself through all this unrest as if I can't trust God with my life?

Has He left me down before? No, never!
Has He ever failed me? Absolutely not!
Has He ever been too late to rescue me? Of course not!
I am learning to wait. I am learning to be patient. I know I can trust. I have faith.
Lord, help me, save me from myself.

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