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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

By Name

I met a woman the other day for the first time. She was lovely and we spoke for about 10 minutes. 
In that time I learned that she was a widow with two grown children. I know her children's names and that one of them is just getting home from a fishing trip in Florida and the other is about to go on a trip. 
I found out that she did not learn to drive a car until the age of 78. I know what kind of car she drives and which kind that she would prefer.
I know what neighborhood in which she lives and the style of her house. 
I also know what her husband had done to make a living. That is why they moved to this location and I know from where they moved.

I learned so much about this sweet lady during our chat. She is the kind that makes you feel special and part of the crowd. But one thing that I did not learn, her name. I would have asked her had I the chance but I never did.
That makes me sad because like I said, she was lovely and I like her. But how can I ever inquire about her to see how she is doing if I don't know her name?
Knowing someone's name is important. I like to know people's names. And I like when they know mine.
Remember when the teacher called your name?
Remember when your mother called you by your full name?
Remember when your daddy gave you a little nickname?
Remember when the bully called you a bad name?
How does it feel when the boss calls your name?
Does your spouse have a special name for you?
Do your kids know you by name or by Mom?
Names are very important and they say a lot about us.

Take the time to listen and learn people's names, like the store cashier or your waitress. Call them by name and watch how it improves the interaction.

How many of Gods names do you know? There are many names for him in the Bible? By which name do you know Him?

He also knows you and He knows you by name.

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