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Friday, February 14, 2014

Married Couples

This Valentine’s Day remember that a night of romance and fun is a surefire way to keep the flames of marriage burning brightly.

Married couples who schedule weekly dates keep their love and passion alive and also dating can recalibrate a husband and wife’s relationship around love and laughter. Dating was fun before you got married and dating can even be more fun after you are married.

A date should be free from distractions (no electronics) and mental clutter. So put work and children and problems on pause or hold during this time of intimacy, 
No one can give you more meaningful approval than your spouse who should also be your best friend. If he or she seeks approval from someone else, you are in danger of emotional estrangement. Dating gives you an excuse to pursue your precious marriage partner with romantic anticipation. You clean up and dress up just for them. Perhaps you take turns planning the date experience, so it stays fresh and exciting. Or just surprise him or her.
Date night does not have to require a huge financial commitment, but budget accordingly. There is a cost, but you can’t afford not to invest in your most important relationship. It’s less expensive than a counselor or divorce. Be creative: a coffee shop, bookstore, walk in the park or park the car and quietly watch a sunset. Use date night as an excuse to buy new shoes or get a haircut. Do something special just for your special person. Conversation and connection can lead to physical intimacy—which is of course my favorite part.
Plan to date weekly.
Your weekly date night can be a remedy for getting stuck in the crazy cycle of no conversation and growing apart. Focused time with your sweetheart honors them and honors the Lord.


 Pat Pennington

San Antonio, Texas

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