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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Rock

Sometimes life really is a matter of perspective. Sometimes our busyness or the sameness of everyday life begins to feel like it is weighing down on us. 
Although I don't believe that you can run away from problems, I do think that we need sometimes to step out of our troubles and gain a new perspective. 
This is why going for a walk or a drive, or holding a baby, or playing with puppies, shopping or visiting a nursing home, or.......well you get the picture.
Just a simple change of routine can make a difference.
And not only that, some alone time to speak to God is always good. 
Do not confuse this with solitude. There is a difference between alone and lonely. You can be lonely in a crowd, and alone doesn't mean lonely. It means by yourself, with yourself yet with God.
Jesus went alone to the garden to pray.
If you are weighted down today by a problem or worry, do something different. Shake up your routine. And use some of the time to be alone with God. Tell Him your worries. He is A Rock. He is bigger than your problems. Seek Him.

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