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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Ever know a "knowitall?" 
Some people like to spout off everything bit of useless knowledge they possess to impress people. (Picture Cliff from the tv show, Cheers.) I guess their desire is to be thought of as brilliant. 
Some people ARE smart. They pick up information easily and retain it easily.
Some people work hard to be smart. They see the need for knowledge so they study and learn and study some more.
Some people are wise. They have wisdom. Wisdom has more to do with experience than book smarts. You can be wise with very little book smarts. 
Wisdom is learning about life, the importance of it, the purpose of it. It is learning, valuing, accepting and living the life we have. 
You can give someone knowledge, but you cannot give wisdom to someone. You can share wisdom and maybe someone will understand gain their own wisdom from your sharing.

My mom used to tell me that a knowitall has no wit at all. I believe that for the most part. Have you ever met someone that is trying to impress with their smarts? They usually are too serious and no fun to be around.

I would rather choose wisdom than knowledge, but I think true wisdom would tell you that you must also have knowledge.

The Proverbs are full of verses on wisdom. Choose one today to read and meditate on. 

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