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Monday, September 30, 2013

Always on my mind

Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind - YouTube

Elvis and Willie Nelson both have recorded this song as well. But I like this version.
Isn't it true that many times we think of someone, or think of doing something for someone and then we don't act upon it and the moment passes.
We are so full of good intentions. And we always assume that there will be another opportunity. 
I was always taught that if someone is on my mind that I should stop what I'm doing and pray for that person. 
And as I go through my Facebook stream if someone is requesting prayer, I try to pray right then and there.
My mind is not the best at remembering. I am a creature of notes and lists. I always have a piece of paper in my pocket with things to remember to do.
Many people and many things run through my mind, but sometimes my rewind button doesn't work so good and as I get older, that gets worse.
I am happy that God isn't like that. I am on His mind. And so are you. And He doesn't forget us or forget bout us. No, we are always on His mind.
Thank You, Lord for thinking of me and loving me and for telling me that I am yours.

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