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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let's make a Deal

I remember when I was young watching Let's Make a Deal with Monte Hall. It was exciting watching people dress up in silly costumes and play games to win prizes and then Monte would show them a "big box" or a curtain and offer to allow them to trade their prize for something else.
Oh, the temptation! It was fun watching them agonize over what to do. Sometimes they were content and keep their original prize and sometimes the thought of something better would lure them to trade.

Sometimes their choices turned out to be something silly and no good at all.

Adam and Eve lived in splendor. They enjoyed the most heavenly garden. They took walks with God. Everything they needed was theirs. Until the thought of something better was planted into Eve's head. Then she became discontent. 
Her choice of trying for something better turned out to be really bad.

The thoughts of something better can breed discontentment. These thoughts can cause you to overspend. They cause jealousy, and give you a general feeling of dissatisfaction.

When this happens in a church, God cannot be pleased and the outcome is seldom good. Parents get upset because the youth minister hurt their child's feelings. The preacher preaches on one sin all the time and it is directed right at me. The lady in the kitchen gave someone else a bigger piece of pie than I got. Who chose that color for our pew padding?
Why is there lavender air Fresheners in the bathroom, it is such a strong smell. And it goes on and on. And the more it goes the bigger the circle of discontentment gets. 
God will not be pleased by this. Take those thoughts captive. Do not take part in the whisper campaigns. 

Church is for the building up of each other and to collectively worship our creator. 
Come in with the right attitude and leave with a better one. That's a good deal.

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