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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Your Mission

Do you remember the old tv show, Mission Impossible? The Impossible Mission Team, headed up by Dan Briggs, played by Peter Graves would be sent a recorded message. They would listen to the mission and then it would smoke and burn up.
I loved that show.

As Christians, we have a mission from God. It is found in Matthew 28:19&20. We are to Go, Preach, Baptize and Teach.
It is certainly not a secret mission but sometimes we act like it is impossible.

Are you going somewhere today?
Tell someone about Jesus. Or just mention how grateful for are for Jesus's love and mercy.
You know faith comes by hearing. People need to hear.

Once someone is baptized, washing away thei sin, they need additional teaching so that they can Go, Preach, Baptize and Teach.

Will you accept this mission?

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