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Friday, September 6, 2013

Why did Jesus tell this story?

Two women come to the ladies meeting at church. 
Laura, is a long time Christian. She runs a Christian daycare. Her kids go to the Christian academy. Her husband is a deacon in the church. She sings in the choir. She helps in the nursery. She brings the best dishes to the potluck dinners. 
Penny is a new Christian. She works at the local pizza place that also serves beer. Her son is in the alternative school. Her daughter is in the tenth grade in public school and works at the sandwich shop. Penny's husband is not in the picture. She wants to sing in the choir. She would love to work in the church nursery. She doesn't stay for the potluck dinners.
At the start of the meeting, the leader asks for a volunteer to pray. Laura jumps up.
Dear Almighty Father in Heaven, We are grateful to be gathered here to be able our work for you. 
I thank you that we can do so much for You. Thank You for all the talent that most of these ladies have to make this church great. Amen
At the end of the meeting the leader called on Penny to pray. She was scared. She never prayed out loud before.
Dear God. Thank You for loving us. Thank you for a chance to serve You. We want You to be honored and all glory is yours. Amen

Friends, forget the Hokey Pokey, it's ALL about Jesus. We are alive because of Him. Our lives should be reflecting Him. Everything we do, think and say should be about Him. 
However, we are not perfect, so He gives us grace and mercy. I am nothing without Him.
Do your best work, give your best gifts, use your best words for Him, to bring Him glory and honor. Be humble.
If you are blowing your own horn or thinking you are better than someone else, you are just an arrogant fool and everyone notices.

Jesus told a story to some people who thought they were better than others and who looked down on everyone else: Two men went into the temple to pray. One was a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood over by himself and prayed, “God, I thank you that I am not greedy, dishonest, and unfaithful in marriage like other people. And I am really glad that I am not like that tax collector over there. I go without eating for two days a week, and I give you one tenth of all I earn.” The tax collector stood off at a distance and did not think he was good enough even to look up toward heaven. He was so sorry for what he had done that he pounded his chest and prayed, “God, have pity on me! I am such a sinner.” (Luke 18:9-13 CEV)

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