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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Choose Joy

Somedays I wake up grumpy, somedays I let him sleep.

Seriously, I don't wake up full of happy happy joy joy everyday. Today I am not "feeling it." Actually, it's been awhile since I just woke up feeling happy.
People say to me, "But I thought you had it all together." "I thought you were a godly woman."  "You are so blessed." 
Yes, and all of that may be true. But it doesn't mean that I have it easy.
How many of you would trade places with me and my life and my circumstances?
I can dwell on the bad. I could grumble and complain. I could party with pity. But all that does is make me feel worse.
I don't want that negativity for myself.
I would rather have joy.
Joy is a choice to be made each day. Even if I am not "feeling it " I can choose it and before long, I am really feeling it.
It 's not faking it til I make it.  It's true, real joy. But it comes from God. He gives me joy, because I have an attitude of gracious desire for it.
Thank You, Lord, for joy.

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