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Friday, June 21, 2013


I was cleaning out my truck when I got home and I found the stem of cotton that I picked out of the field once while driving through California.
I never saw cotton fields until I began driving truck and I surely had never seen and up close.
We see many fields now as we travel and we see huge bales of the stuff during harvest season.
Anyway while putting my things away I was showing it to Starla and telling her to feel how very  soft it was and how there was  substance to the balls of cotton.
She asked, "so who cleans this stuff?"
I told her that everything is done mechanically nowadays but it used to take many workers to clear a field of cotton.
And just like the scripture in the picture below, the harvest of souls takes many workers. Even with TV preachers, electronic Bibles and all the modern day gadgets, winning people to The Lord takes humanity. 
Everywhere in the Scriptures when people are brought to Jesus it is because someone else brought them.
And when Jesus healed and met people personally They always went away telling others.

Do you tell others what Jesus has done for you? God needs workers for the Kingdom.  Everyone can have a part, everyone should have a part. Grab your hoe, grab your water can, get your work boots, and gloves. Or maybe just a Bible and your own story. And get going.

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