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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Poor in Spirit

I have to be honest, Sometimes I have a little Pharisee inside of me. Now not all the time, but sometimes it's there.
I see people who have so many problems in their life and listen to them struggle and I wonder if God is trying to teach them something. I know, in fact, that He is; but I sound so judge mental when I think it. 
Sometimes I believe that we, Christians, view other people's struggles as some sort of punishment for their sin.
Frankly, I would do better to keep my eyes on my own struggles and sin. If we got we what we deserved for sinning. I would be flicked right off this spinning earth into oblivion. At least!
No, Jesus said,  "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:3 NASB) 
Poor in spirit refers to those who are so down, so defeated, so at the very rock bottom that they throw up their arms and cry out to God in surrender. "I can't do it. I see no way out of it. I'm giving it all to you, God."
Have you ever been there? Oh, I have! 
It's at those times that you realize that God IS God. 
This is when we are most grateful for mercy and grace. This is when are souls truly hunger and thirst for righteousness. We are at the end of our ropes hanging on by a thread.
When you know that grace and mercy are not only ENOUGH, but it's the ONLY stuff that you need. 
This is when you are most likely to help others, get involved in His service, be on fire! 

Why do we forget where we once were, where we could still be without the Love, Grace and Mercy of our savior?
No, don't shy away from those who are suffering in any way. And for goodness sake, don't act like a Pharisee, like you are too holy or too special to be like them. 
Blessed are the poor in spirit.
Lord, keep me humble. Help me to know that I am nothing without Your Love for me, Your grace that saves, and Your mercy that helps me. And Lord help me go go tell everyone.

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