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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Being Critical.

When our Church was built quite a few years ago.,Our members built it. We were so lucky to have men and women skilled to do all the different jobs required to do the job properly. We had a few skilled carpenters , a great electrician , a plumber, drywallers, and a few coffee drinkers that bossed the job. Ha,ha,ha. The Wills Mt. Church of Christ turned out very good. But we hit some rough spots along the way. A couple of men gave up their weekends and did some dry wall sanding and finishing, and there were a few dissatisfied with their work and while they were being critical of this work they were overheard by one of the men that did the work. Feelings got hurt and there was some bitterness. But you know being grounded inThe Word of God our leaders and our Evangelist were able to give this dilemma a quick fix. We are all human and we all sin. A few touch ups and of course apologies and hugs and all came out good in the end. You see, the members of The Lords Body must work together as one. Being critical of one another can cause many problems. Whispers and gossip can get out of control...... Lord, help us to show more love for one another . Help us to be less critical of one another. Help us to go to one another and fix our differences before they get beyond repair. Help us to do all things according to Your Holy Word. Thank You for always being there for us. Help us to strive daily to be like JESUS and to let our light shine for Him. In Jesus Name Amen.

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