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Thursday, May 16, 2013

On the winning team

Have you ever watched a team of young players at a ball game? They play their hearts out and they are losing, but then their coach gives them a "peptalk" and then their playing improves. And then things really turn around and everything seems to go right and before long they are winning.
Did their skills suddenly improve? No! They just needed someone to encourage them and they needed to believe it could be done.
Where do you get what it takes to overcome defeat?
We have our faith, the faith we share with other Christians. We have encouragement and hope and the knowledge that we can overcome defeat.
Are you in need of a "peptalk?" Do you need reminded that you have what it takes?
Maybe you can be the coach and encourage someone else.
Turn back to the Bible, your gameplan. Study it, and put yourself in the game.
Be an overcomer!

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