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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Rock

I want to paint a picture in your head. I need your full attention. 
Are you ready?

Imagine yourself in the sea, clinging to a big, slippery, rock. The rock because of constant ebb and flow of the water, is smooth with no hand holds and it is cold and wet.
The water is splashing up against you. It sometimes goes over your head and then sucks back away from you.
Although the water feels cool, the sun is hot! 
Your arms are tired from holding on. But if you leave go you will certainly perish.
So you hang on! And you hope!
Soon because of the hot sun, the rock feels cool and good.
You shake the tiredness from your arms one at a time. Yes, your arms are weary but you are so happy for the rock. 
You are still hoping for a boat, you want to be saved . But for now you have the rock.

Why am I telling you this story? Well let's use it as a lesson. 
The sea is the trials and uncertainties of this life. 
That rock is your faith. 
The boat is Heaven.
For you to get to Heaven you have to hold on to your faith no matter what comes against you. Sometimes your faith seems like it might not be enough. Sometimes your faith seems harder than just letting go. But if you do that there is absolutely no hope of getting in the boat.

Hold on, hang tight!

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