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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Prayer for today.

What a Beautiful Lords Day . Take a deep breath. You are alive, and Jesus loves you. We were getting ready to leave for Church and as I look out the windows of our truck it made me so sad to see all the fellow truckers that don't make an effort to Worship their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Many of them don't even know Jesus I'm sure. My prayer today is for all those that don't know Jesus and for those that put worldly pleasures ahead of God.......Father God, thank You for all the daily blessings you give us. Thank You for all Your beautiful creation. Thank You for Jesus.. Lord ,Be with all those that don't know You,and for all those that know You but put other things first. Help us to let our light shine for Jesus and to be soul winners for you. In Jesus Name Amen.

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